Custom Projects

The FDR Presidential Library and Museum contracted me to create replicas of some of their collection’s most important archival paper documents that would be on permanent display in the newly remodeled museum exhibit.

Wilderstein Historic Site's mission is to maintain and restore the Queen Anne style mansion, out buildings and grounds, allowing visitors to engage in the site’s rich history. Using the site’s most prominent feature, the Victorian mansion, I designed a holiday ornament for the organization to sell in their gift shop.

Calling on the site’s history, building colors and brand identity I designed a series of exterior interpretive panels  for Locust Grove Historic Estate that engage and inform visitors about specific highlights of the grounds and provide information about history, culture, or the natural environment.

I created this folder design for the Neenah Classic Folder contest in April of 2013. There were very few limitations or requirements for the contest but I knew right from the start that I wanted the folder to have a double life. The concept is that once the user is done with the folder they can cut out the templates from the front and back and use them to create a geo-ball trinket dish and a business card holder. Another consideration for the design was for the overall look to be unisex and that it could be used by anyone.