About me

I have always been a creative person but it wasn't until my son was born in 2008 (and with a little more time at home) that I was drawn back to making things with my hands. I started hand cutting paper at the kitchen table and knew immediately that I was in love with the process and medium. In 2012 my business was born.


I create unique pieces with attention to design, pattern and materials (especially paper, copper and maple) and have broadened my offerings by applying my designs to prints, jewelry and laser-cut pieces.  When I am not using my hands to make things I am on the computer. I love the dichotomy of old world craft verses technology in my work and strive to see how far I can go to marry the two.


In addition to Yvonne Laube Designs I have another shop, Tiny Little Nest, where I create and sell unique, simple nursery decor including mobiles, nightlights, wall art and switch plate covers.


In my spare time I enjoy crafting with my son, scouring thrift stores, relaxing in book stores and hanging outside in the Hudson River Valley of New York where I reside with my family and three cats.